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Common Kitchen

The Victory Garden Cookbook

Author: Marian Morash
ISBN: 0394508971

Language: English [Edit]

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The Victory Garden's own cook shares her wonderful way with vegetables - all the expertise and imagination that make it so rewarding to watch her on Public Television. Here is the most comprehensive, creative vegetable cookbook in print.




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Average rating: ****+ based on 2 reviews.

  • medfordgardener rated this cookbook ***** on February 06 2008

    A great reference for cooking vegetables, I use this book all the time whether I'm looking for a simple method of preparation or a creative new use for a veggie from my garden. This is an old classic and a great source.

  • momcat rated this cookbook **** on February 06 2008

    I use this information packed book when I want to check out my options for cooking a new vegetable or when I think we need a new recipe for one of our old vegetables. It almost never lets me down.

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